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Short Sale NJ

If you are considering a short sale of your home in New Jersey, you need good advice from the very beginning.  While there are government programs out there that are designed to help homeowners in financial distress, these programs are very complicated and you need someone that can explain your options in plain English.

A “short sale” simply means that your home is worth less in today’s market than what is owed to the bank or lender. In other words, if the homeowner would like to sell their home, they are still able to do so even if the selling price is less than what they currently owe to the bank or lender, hence the term “Short Sale”.  With this challenging economy, many families have found it impossible to maintain their lifestyle while making their mortgage payments and short selling is a very good alternative.

Short Sale

This is where the Law Offices of Tessa L. Schultz can help.  Her team can negotiate on your behalf with the bank to make the transition out of your home go smoothly. We are well versed on the laws and programs available in the state of New Jersey.  Our goal is to make your transition as smooth as possible. We charge a nominal up front fee to initiate your short sale process, and in some cases our remaining fee is paid directly by the bank or lender at closing.


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